Sunday, May 29, 2011

Under construction...

SO truth I'm kinda a decorator type person... It just makes me feel right:)  AND I'm kinda NOT a techy person... like at all!  SOOOOOO although I put this little site together... I don't like it and it made me have anxiety forever and took me hours to figure out what a gadget was.... ugh I have a headache thinking back on the whole experience!
OK~ to the point finally~ I'm having the amazing webby people at church build me a little something~ and it's not done so that's why I've been waiting!  Thanks to those who believe I might actually have something to contribute in this life via this blog!  I hope to be up & running soon~ I have so much I want to chat about:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle <not sure how we ended up calling it that: it's prayer and we sit in a circle so I guess it just fits> BACK to the point.... as I was saying... Prayer Circle is what we do around the Brown house to spiritually connect to one another AND to spend time making sure that discipleship is happening in our kids lives from US and not just through our <amazing> church!
(Disclaimer: it was also a way to add a little efficiency to our "bed time" rituals...instead of an hour of prayers and tucking in and now the kids are off to bed at 9 instead of 8 when the whole process started...  we all pray together and off to beds with kisses & hugs it is:)
* ideas on how to implement your own type of "prayer circle" to come in a future post*
But had to share about tonights  PC:
As we went around the circle~ tonights question for the kids was "How can we pray for you this week & whats a way we can be an encouragement to you this week?"
It was what every parent (who cares about their kids spiritual being) dream night~ Ethan shared how he doesn't want to take breaks from church (aka we've been on vacation for spring break) because he doesn't want to miss out on his verse from pipeline and he wants us to encourage him to learn more of God's word.   And Kennedy (who has to do her own thing & answer her own question  instead of the one asked, but nonetheless it was exactly as it was supposed to be) shared that in her heart she's so excited for this week because it her absolute favorite time of year because there is such focus on Christ <Palm Sunday- Good Friday- Easter Sunday> and each year she finds out more & understands it differantly... so she asked us all to not pray for her OR encourage her but instead to please start conversations with her this week about Jesus! Madison asked us to encourage her to read her bible each day & to ask her if she did <she then added~ but mom please stop it at that and not lecture me on it :/ >
And when Ethan said but don't you already read it at school (she goes to Christian school) she responded so perfectly with... but that's not for my God time it's school work & we're not doing it right now.  I was so proud of the maturity she showed in that answer, I know adults in ministry that check of their God time with their prep time for a teaching/preaching experience.  This maturity is something her daddy models so well to them!

My FEAR <insert core sin there> is that my kids will grow up & run from the church/God... but moments like these melt my heart that God is honoring my prayers for them, that He's doing a mighty work in them, and that their church experience this far has modeled love to them!

~ not that this seems all braggy & such...  my kids, our family is like any other family , the kids fight & don't listen, and talk back and on & on... and truth be told~ Matt & I swear that the kids hold their gas all day to store it up for PC:)  but tonight this was the REAL situation around here & I will hold on to it until the next night like this rolls around.

If you have something you're doing to help disciple your kids~ can you share please:)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walking on Egg Shells

This can be the scenario from time to time in the home of the Pastor on a Saturday night...  and probably for most other PW's on Sunday mornings.  My husband is out of the house before my eyes are even open on Sunday mornings... which is probably good for the both of us:), but I remember the mornings before we held 5 services where I'd go to them all, and Sunday mornings could be the worst day of the week for our family, for our marriage.  Everything goes wrong,  the kids fight, we're running late, clothes needed aren't cleaned ironed, and of course when we get into the family car (aka my car) the gas light is on... all minor stupid things on any other day... but not this day.  It took YEARS for us to get it, MAYBE just maybe there was something going on here?  Something bigger than our imperfections & short comings... something spiritual. I now understand this about our life, and on this day when sometimes the "tone" isn't just as I think I deserve, or he's not as attentive to me, or leaves a mess of books lying around... I LET IT GO! I understand that his heart is heavy for the task that lies ahead and I KNOW that he is such an amazing man of God, husband, and father! So... I choose to pray for him instead & help to carry the burden, I try to tend to the needs of the house & our 3 children, and to help him get to bed Saturday night or out the door  Sunday morning as peacefully as possible.   The REAL truth is that 9 out of 10 weekends I get this right~ TONIGHT was the unfortunate exception.  Luckily we salvaged the day, and he'll head out the door in the morning knowing that his heart not be heavy about what is waiting at home for him at the end of the day!  His heart is freed up to love God's people & lead HIS church!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Introducing Just Being REAL...

Being Real with yourself, others, and God is the vision God gave to my precious husband Matt & I over 14 years ago to plant what we now affectionately refer to as Sandals Church.  Over the years what this all means for me has been redefined & articulated as I've grown, changed, & experienced the ebb & flo of life. Unfortunately the phrase "just being real"  has more often than not been used interchangeably with "just being rude" which has wounded many a hearts.  I hope to give a new spin to the phrase~ one that might lead into a new experience with the idea of being real, and maybe in some small way~ begin planting seeds in others to begin to be real with themselves, others, and God in their lives.  Being real for me is pursuing  who I was created to be, and continually comparing that to who I am actually being. Sharing my real brokenness with others & experiencing love despite who I can be, and in turn offering love to others as they share who they really are & helping them discover who they were created to be.  Being real is constantly renewing grace & making being a good heart handler of others a priority in my life.  Life is so random, so routine, and then so unexpected all at the same time... that's what you'll find here: random, routine, unexpected (well probably not really cuz I'm so "safe" but who knows). You'll hear me share about how I'm REALLY doing, who I REALLY am, how I'm REALLY wired, how I REALLY blow it, how I REALLY love others, how I REALLY spend my time, how I'm REALLY broken, how I'm REALLY in need of grace & forgiveness, and what God is REALLY teaching me along the way.  Life is complex, wonderful, sad, exhilarating & exhausting~ this is how being real plays out for me as a (Pastor's) wife, as I am a mommy to my 3 amazing children, as I cultivate my friendships, and how being real weaves it's way through my ministries.  This isn't going to be everyone's REALity, but it's mine!